I am Dr. Mona Elswah

A dedicated researcher and educator passionate about exploring the intersections of digital media, tech policy, and political communication in the Arab world.


Mona Elswah is a Research Fellow at the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT), where she examines content moderation policies and measures in non-English languages, focusing on countries in the Global South.

PhD Journey

In 2023, She earned her PhD from the OII at the University of Oxford. In her thesis, she examined the impact of digital repression on social movements’ online tactics, focusing on Syria and Tunisia as case studies.

Latest publications

Elswah, M. (2024). Does AI Understand Arabic? Evaluating The Politics Behind the Algorithmic Arabic Content Moderation (01). Carr Center for Human Rights Policy.

Bradshaw, S., Elswah, M., & Perini, A. (2023). Look Who’s Watching: Platform Labels and User Engagement on State-Backed Media Outlets. American Behavioral Scientist, 00027642231175639.

Elswah, M., & Howard, P. N. (2021). Where news could not inspire change: TRT World as a party broadcaster. Journalism, 14648849211033444.